Enjoy this contemporary romance novel, the debut novel from Rina Gray.

Fool For You: Book 1 of the Crush on You Series

Fool For You


Sports journalist Melanie Foster has achieved most of her goals: Bomb.com job—check. Tomboy-to-smoking-hottie makeover—check. Convince her best friend, Damien Richards, to slide a ring on her finger and father her two-point-five kids—not so much. When she activates Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, she never imagines her BFF already has plans to stroll down the wedding aisle with another woman.

Damien’s in the middle of crisis mode. The non-profit for young athletes at which he volunteers is in financial trouble. He’ll pull out all the stops to rescue the organization that saved his life after his career-ending injury—even if it means sacrificing his personal happiness.

But when he finally wakes up to love and the very non-brotherly feelings he’s long held for Mel, it just might be too late. Damien must convince her that he’s worth the risk and turn the tables to show her he’s the one ready to be a fool for love.

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Read an excerpt from Fool for You:

“You’re marrying V-Vanessa?” Melanie’s eyes darted between Damien and the offending object in her hand.

Despite the coolness from the ring, a pool of liquid heated at the base of her stomach. Pressure built. Not slow, but fast. Supersonic fast. The pressure rushed up and seeped through long, jagged cracks that had formed across her chest.

She tossed the ring onto the table like dice. Rolling and spinning, the silver band toppled in front of Damien. “I didn’t know that … ” She cleared the large achy clump that blocked her throat. “I didn’t know that you and Vanessa were serious. Or engaged, for that matter. Oh, wait, that’s not right. You couldn’t be engaged because you haven’t asked her yet. But I didn’t know … didn’t realize you were serious about her.” She was babbling but couldn’t stop herself. Either ramble like a lunatic or cry like one.

“Mel, I know this seems abrupt, and I need to explain.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “That question I asked you earlier wasn’t hypothetical.”

“Gee, I kind of figured that out for myself.” Her laugh was cold and hollow, as if bouncing around in a tin can.

“Leslie called me this morning. Refurbished Dreams is in trouble. Long story short, we need a quarter of a mill to get us back in the black.”

Melanie nodded, encouraging him to continue.

“The bank needs the money in a month. Leslie was freaked out, and then I—”

“Did what you do best.” She shook her head and took a deep breath. “You promised to save the day and somehow roped Leonard and the agency into giving you the money. And he … Wait.” She balled her hands into fists. “Did he blackmail you into marrying Vanessa for the money?”

“No. It wasn’t like that.”

“Oh my God, he did, didn’t he?”

“Melanie.” Damien’s tone was powerful, disapproving, and deep-freezer cold. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m telling you—”

 “Did he throw in an acre of land and a goat if you became betrothed to his daughter?” Her pitch went up two octaves. The heat of curious stares from restaurant patrons scorched her skin, but she was well past caring.

“He has cancer.”

Damien’s words sliced through the fog of anger. “Damien, I … I’m so, so sorry.” Her apology did nothing to thaw the coldness in his eyes.